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of the neighbors told us they believe he just wanted to sort of let out some of his anger towards the neighborhood. none of it has been confirmed, we can't say that it's a possibility that that's what he was doing. it's an ongoing investigation as to why this happened. >> thank you for your time. we'll check in throughout the day for updates. >>> moving onto suspects charged with imprisoning 4 mentally disabled victims in philadelphia may have held 7 others. the chief says it's the worst he's seen and it's remarkable a young lady is still alive. >>> an iowa couple died 72 hours a part while holding hands. they were rushed to the hospital. they were not going to make it and when gordon stopped breathing, his heart monitor continues for an hour until his wife died. the couple was never a part. they were glad they were able to go together. >> they just loved being together. everyone argues once in a while, he said i have to stick around until, i can't go until she does, i have to stay here for her. and she would say the same thing. >> they held hands in their casket. she was 90, he was 94. >>> you ma
and people on their cell phones texting and the computers over here. and just to tell us more about what's going on in this latest deadline from the city. you have been here for a long time. and you guys got this dead behind for the city do you plan to leave? >> no. i don't think it's time yet. >> reporter: what is your plan if the city enforces this and they start with arrest? >> well, that's something that we will discuss in the general assembly when the time right. >> reporter: speaking to one of the ladies they plan to stay here until the job is done what is the job you are talking about? >> the job and you know all the issues we are dealing with, we discuss in the general assembly every night at 8 p.m. and you know then we figure out what to do from there. >> reporter: and how long have you been here? >> i've been here since the first day. >> reporter: and why are you here? >> i am here because things just aren't working right now. and i feel that way and you know i think that it seems like a lot of people feel that way now too. >> reporter: and it looks from the things you guys hav
showers back in the mountains rain showers for us. and yes, the clouds making a return and beer back to 55 this afternoon. two degree guaranteed high a few showers won't be a washout. but you may want to carry the umbrella and something warm to cover you up. tanya how is it this morning on the roads. >> reporter: it's okay. think the cameras have mind of their own. an accident at white marsh at the outer loop in the cleanup stages. let's look live at 95. this is just south of 195. most of the traffic is running southbound. but it's moving well. no problems to report. 95 north at 395 that broken down car is gone. let's look at the jfx from the 41st street overpass past the pepsi plant. most traffic heading southbound toward downtown. and fayette street. with the light traffic, drive times are doing fine. traveling harrisburg expressway southbound from shawan to the beltway just five minutes and 95 southbound out of white marsh to the beltway 6 minutes and traveling the outer loop bel air to providence 6 minutes and 795 to 70 takes you 7 minutes. backs to you>>> there's a important law to kn
ambassador here to the u.s. the state department is now warning americans abroad to be extra vigilant for signs of more aggressive action. >> reporter: for 12 days, investigators interrogated this man. they say he confessed to ion lendl murderer for hire. a naturalized u.s. citizen who appeared in a new york court yesterday after his arrest last month. federal officials say he worked with a member of iran's revolutionary guard in a foiled ploy plot to kill saudi arabia's ambassador to the u.s. >> this case illustrates we live in a world where borders andbond ris are increasingly irrelevant and where individuals from one country sought to conspire with a drug trafficking cartel in another country to assassinate a foreign official on united states soil. >> reporter: the fbi says the suspects were ready to spend 1.5 million dollars to hire what they believe was a mexican drug cartel hit squad to kill the ambassador. the undercover mexican informant exposed the plot. owe physician will take up the -- officials will take up the issue with the u.n. >> this kind of action which violates inte
million in grants. they will use the moneys for projects. not clear on how much the money will raise by bumping the tax. it brought in $6 million in july. >>> news around the nation, amazing video of a train hitting a dump truck. it happened in houston. it pushed a truck onto a sidewalk and you can see people jumping and narrowly escaping, 15 passengers taken out for injuries. >>> there's been a possible sighting for that missing 10- month-old girl in missouri. she was last seen asleep in her crib in kansas city. officers may have seen here near kansas city. lisa's father discovered the child was missing when he came home from work tuesday morning. they believe that the child was abducted. >>> they look like surfers. three suspects caught on camera wearing swim trunking before they vandalized a school. they took a dip in the school. >> they smashed out a window. >> it's unfair because they spent so much renovating the school, i don't know why kids would come destroy our school. >> they're hoping to catch those bathing suit bandits. >>> there appear to be speculation on how big the h
mix but right now a check of the traffic with tonya. >> good morning. i can't believe you used the s-word, already. if you are waking up in hartford or cecil county the bridge is back open after an accident that closed down the road. there was a fuel spill that had to be cleaned up. it is back open at this hour. the road reopened at about midnight. >>> looking at 95 at 175 we are doing well out there. there are no issues reported between elk ridge and laurel. the jfx and northern parkway is light right now. southbound traffic is most of the volume building, mosque away from the camera bel air to providence that will take you six minutes. don't forget, you can always follow us on twitter at maryland traffic. >>> sentencing today for walter bishop jr. convicted in the murder for hire plot involving a baltimore county gas station owner. >> reporter: the jury's decision means this case is the first test of the state's new death penalty statute. today both sides will argue whether 2-year-old walter bishop jr. should be sentenced to death. if not, he will face life in prison. bishop was co
they are not watching us but i wanted to let you know what we are looking at on the screen. we say dry and in fact at 47 degrees and a clear sky, you sue a shot saw a shot of that moon here and may actually hit the beltway in downtown and may ease some of the sun glare issues that may pop up in an hour. that is their temperature. and look at those arrows not as long and strong as yesterday. we will have winds but the shift over the weekend will be light but from a different direction. [ inaudible ] >> -- this afternoon but how about the traffic right now? here is tonya. >> more people are getting up and out the door and on to the roads so we are starting to get some volume out there. let's take a look at our live traffic cameras, this 95 northbound at 32, steady flow of traffic but it is moving well, so no issues to report as you make your way northbound from -- baltimore. the ramp from 24 south to 95 south we do have slight delays. the traffic on the ramp ramp is getting by. >>> the drive time is okay. [ inaudible ] >> -- is okay but 795 to 70 will take you about a minutes charlie. >> well, he is a w
and says using the internet and websites to get signatures is a practice that is accepted. >> the internet is used all over the country. this is not 1911. this is 2011. so you have an affidavit with a witness. and the election board designed the petitions and we went over them insectionally and clearly for months. and i think -- intentionally and clearly for months. i -- there was no fraud. >> reporter: the groups again the petition says the leadges ligs can't be in -- legislationwill be -- legislation can't be put in referendum because it calls for funding. >>> whoa want to know what you think about taxpayer dollars allowing illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition. go to the official wmar facebook fan page. there are several response so join us and join the conversation. >>> the proposed amendment for no child left behind we told you about last week will not move forward. it is voted down by a senate committee and that's good news for barb feldman and her boys that are learning disabled they said it would hold the boys back by forcing them out of mainstream classrooms. barbara mikulski
%. there may be areas of patchy fog. october is our fog month as those longer nights allow us to cool down. 50 right now in baltimore. widespread across the area. around the bay most places are near 50. although we have some 30s showing up like york pa at 38. for the day, we expect plenty of sunshine, light winds but a little cooler than yesterday. a good looking day to be outside. we've got plenty more beyond this. let's check out the traffic now with tanya. >> good morning. we do have some signal problems. let's take a look at 95, this is at 175. no issues to report here. we do have an incident at 32 and 175. we have traffic building on the outer loop, that's to the right of your screen. it is moving though. because of the light track, drive times are doing fine. outer loop traveling bellaire to providence, six minutes and seven minutes between 795 and 70. >>> when news broke yesterday that apple cofounder and ceo, former ceo steve jobs died, this is what happened. craig is standing by with more on the legacy jobs leaves behind. >> reporter: well, steve jobs is best known as the entrepreneur
, watch the winds increase this afternoon and this evening. that's a good sign, that allows us to dry out. we will have high pressure building in to give us a lot of sunshine. sprinkles possible this morning. expect sunshine up to 67 for our 2-degree guaranteed high. let's go to the roads with tonya. >>> good morning, 95 north before 175, we do have a report of a car fire in the right lanes. let's look out there and see how traffic is moving along the northwest side, the outer loop at old court, south of 795. volume away from the camera. no incidents to report. topside, park heights avenue, moving well through towson. no incidents on the outer loop moving toward the 83. drive times doing okay because of the traffic. 83 southbound, five minutes. 95 southbound out of white marsh, 6 minutes. 6 minutes, bel air to providence and 7 minutes from 795 to 70. >>> amanda knox is coming hope. she will be leaving italy where she spent the last four years in prison, heading to her family's home in seattle. linda so is standing by. we learned they are out of italy now? >> reporter: they are almost out
and snow that didn't stick in garrett county. this morning it's chilly rain for us. wait until you see the temperatures that are knocking on the door. around bay, low 40s. rain across southern section of kent island. sprinkles around annapolis and pushing towards shady side and deal. we have towards st. michaels and easton. this is pushing towards eastern shore. 42 in annapolis. and 46 in easton but hop back in the other direction and 39 in ellicott city and up towards hereford a chilly morning here. most of us get our way through the mid-40s after the sunrise at 7:04 and we have mostly cloudy skies. 55 will do it and a few more rain showers. plan accordingly to keep dry and not really washout but to keep warm. we have a great end of the week forecast that you're going to appreciate so it's worth stick around. how about the roads records we have delays 895 -- >> reporter: we have delays 895 southbound due to a earlier disabled vehicle. let's look live on the southwest side, we are doing okay through catonsville towards arbutus and 95. no issues to report here. jfx at cold spring lane w
to the washington state senate. he covered north seattle. >>> janet jackson is changing her tour to return to the u.s. it comes as the involuntary manslaughter trial of michael jackson's physician goes to trial. jackson's three concert dates this week have been combined in to one slated for november 3rd. >>> amateur experimental plane was flying in from jacksonville, florida and crashed in lexington, scheduled to make landing there, no word on what caused the crash. >>> gabrielle giffords is in ashville, north carolina, for two weeks undergoing therapy. giffords has made a miraculous recovery since shot in the head. the manning charged is undergoing mental evaluation and evaluated in 2012, determining his competency to stand trial. >>> a teenager manages to lose half of his weight and inspiring others to do the same. we will tell you more about this coming up. what do you get a woman for her 125th birthday? anything she wants. >> lady liberty, we will explain what is going on and looking different about liberty island. (phone ringing) hey college girl. hey mom. i just got your package. great. yea, m
the fist time line she used was incorrect. she said she saw her daughter at 10:30. now it's 6:40, the mother says she was drunk at the time her daughter lisa disappeared. police say so far they don't have leads and making no significant progress in this case. >>> police are trying to catch a suspected thief who stole a truck during a sting in texas. the regional auto theft task force planted a video. the thief drove for several minutes before noticing a patrol car and for some reason opens the door and makes a sharp turn and crashed in to a house. >>> a dad used his daughter as a designated driver. this is a 9 year old behind the wheel. the guy goes inside the gas station and can be heard on surveillance video saying he is drunk and his little girl is his designated driver. the father was arrested for what he did. >>> through the course of the evening he was arguementtive, while in custody, he said it was his right to let the little girl drive any time he wanted to. that was his prerogative. >> he is facing charges including felony child abuse for letting her drive on a public
highlighting the band of rain pushing us to rosedale split and nid white marsh up in that direction. so middle river has had rain same in essex easing up but pushing towards the north. and we are looking at i-95 from white marsh through perry hall and through kingsville about to get some moderate rainfall into the vicinity. overall a break in the action and more trying to come through cambridge as we speak. we have got spotty showers across the area and heaviest stuff is pushing up 95 in harford and cecil county near the maryland house. 63 does it in baltimore and aiming for high of 66. on and off showers and afternoon storms on the way. tanya. >> reporter: very slow out there. how slow can you go? i will show you. here's a live look at the beltway on the northwest side big slowdown near 795. this will last past liberty road. so it's slow going. top side of the beltway is moving a little bit better at harford road to the right is the outer loop. off and on this is slowing down as well. inner loop is moving well. drive times are starting to be effected. 95 southbound building traffic but the sl
johnson, abc2 news. >>> bank of america is coming under fire to charge customers $5 month for using a debit card. one customer in dc decide she had enough and would take action. she cut the bank of america debit card up and closed her account and took it one step further. she wrote a petition remember the and got 150,000 signatures -- letter and got 150,000 signatures and delivered it. >> i don't want to be a bank that won't have is a response to the over150,000 people who have signed on it's been a week since the petition has up and haven't said anything. >> bank of america is not the only one tacking on the fees. the banks are blaming the fees on a wall street reform measure that limits how much they can charge stores for debit card transactions. >>> make news around the nation. we learned this morning that parents of the missing 10-month- old girl in missouri are now planning to issue public statement today. this is after police announceed that the couple stopped talking to the detectives investigating the child's disappearance. parents say someone snatched lisa irwin from her cr
and cancer found no link between them. the u.s. government concluded the same thing. >>> celebrations across libya and the world after news of moammar gadhafi's death. >>> a local man witnessed the heartache caused by the moammar gadhafi regime. we'll hear from matthew van dyke's family. >>> apparently here we go again. the california minute stree says end of the world is coming. why they circled one date on the calendar and say the end is near. it could be coming at any point on this friday, october 21st. good morning. let's check the forecast with justin burke. >>> i paw question up online on my facebook page. are you down with being down in the 40s? kim said, no. i think she was hollering that. bill said, can you please make sure we have a lot of snow this winter? kim says, bill, you can shovel out my driveway. jim says, it feels good outside. he bought an axe to split some wood today. that's a bad thing. jim's is a steelers fan. 47 this morning. toward york we have clear skies are light winds and fairly uniform numbers. 50 by the bay, 40s in the mountains. 45 our popular number. we will
-- movie buffs. red box box is raising fees that used to cost a dollar to pick up a dvd and now it will cost 20 cents more. red box raised prices in part because of higher debit card fees. >>> well it may be something fishy in your seafood. consumer report tested 190 piece of seafood at stores and restaurants across several states. it turns out that 22% of those were fraud. they were either mislabeled and different species incompletely labeled or ms identified. it is required by law to be labeled correctly. target plans to open at midnight on friday november 25th the day after thanksgiving. the early black friday opening for chain. they are extending store hours throughout the holiday season. >>> tomorrow your commute will be more expensive traveling through maryland's tolls. also this morning, we have breaking news out of north baltimore. a fire moved through long time restaurant and bar. >> reporter: it's an intensifier at popular tavern in mount washington. i am linda so. we will have live details coming up. >>> coming i will tell you why finding a job is especially hard for
maryland. the weekend is upon us i am charley crowson. hope you are off to a great start. but weather wise, what do we have in store come saturday and sunday? justin berk is standing by with the answer. >> good morning. saturday and sunday seem toe far off when we talk -- so far off when we talk about what we have this morning. extra excitement or is it me? it might be just me. we got something for everybody. and i am not 39. but, we are talking about the temperature in towson. mighty chose. towson 39. 44. 5 # in -- 4 -- 54 in catonsville. we have nothing to show you on the satellite and radar composit. but this is what we have to show you and this is adding a spring to steps this morning. york adams and lancaster counties southern p.a. frost advisory north of our border. some of us are close, and it's getting closer but we have a reprieve from the chilly air. warmup is underway and we will talk about the nice weather stretch in a moment. here tanya to talk about the good traffic. >> reporter: we have an accident reported 95 at northbound at 32 on the ramp reportedly in savage. be careful
in the disappearance of gnatty holloway in aruba. >>> a michigan father used his daughter as a designated driver. see a 9 year old struggle to park next to a gas pump and he is heard telling the girl he is too drunk, she is going to have to continue driving. the father went to a gas station to buy cigarettes and left. this morning the dad is facing a number of charges including a felony child abuse for allegedly letting the child drive on a public road. >>> a wish comes true for a 82- year-old florida woman who has a positive attitude and strong passion for jeopardy. she has been blind since birth but never got in her way and hosts her trivia game. her friends reached out and today her dream is coming true. he is flying to los angeles where she will meet her idol, alex trebeck. >>> a dust storm rolls through. we god video to show you. more coming up. deadly storms rolling across the state just ahead. halfway point on dancing with the stars. the show going back to the 1980s night. we will let you know what you may have missed. all that straight ahead on this tuesday, october 18th. áp >>> take a look
is using it to get you to spend more money we will explain ahead. you are watching "good morning maryland" on this tuesday, october 11th. a live look down south at atlanta georgia. i am a face unclogger.uncl. i am a nose coach. nose coa. i am a throat untickler.t u. i am a human cough suppressant.. and i am the sniffles worsrs nightmare.nightmare. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about cold and flu remedies.. >>> all right netflix is hitting the rewind button. weeks ago they announced they would rename the dvd by mail service quickster and netflix would focus on online streaming video. they decided to abandon the plan after customers loudly registered complaints. >>> wal-mart is using social media to draw customers for the holiday shopping season of the they will have facebook pagestailored for their locations and people can get information on new products events and discount offers. >>> and it's finally happened. the new facebook app available for the ipad. a long delayed app was subject to the chatter in silicone valley. no facebook app for the and droid. the kindle will to the face wi
religion matter when it comes to the presidency? the official fan page, will let us know what you think. >>> people in kansas city missouri are keeping a missing baby in thoughts and prayers. lisa irwin was reported missing. her parents found her crib empty. earlier the police say the parents stopped talking about the investigation, they have sense said the parents have begun cooperating. >>> authorities say a woman was on a boat that capsized saturday and she drowned. four people including a 4-year- old girl treaded water for 20 hours before being rescued. three others picked up by passers by. no word on what caused the boat to sing. >>> jerry brown signed a law barring 14-18 year olds from using tanning beds. california's law has become the most restrictive. the health organization classified the beds as cars nagennic to -- carcinogenic to humans. >>> stevie wonder performed for reverend joseph lowery. his party was in atlanta. barack obama appeared through a video tribute thanking him for support and leadership. >>> it's not a place you would expect reservations for a special evening
owner is speaking out telling us he is making changes for the club. now, a cell phone video outside the lounge early sunday morning shows a man with bandages over stab wounds. a police report says three people were stabbed inside the club but the victims doesn't know who assaulted them or what led to the incident. one victim was reportedly confused and highly intoxicated. the mount vernon club made headlines for a crime that happened outside the club when tyrone brown a former marine was killed last year by an off- duty police officer. the owner of the econdition's lounge says he has security throughout the nightclub and front door and normally there's a heavy police presence in the area. given the rash of events, he plans on making tougher restrictions on club patrons. >> eden -- eating and dancing and having a good time. >> reporter: edwards plans to meet with the neighborhood association president today and also police say so far they have no suspects in the triple stabbing. rotting live outsaid butte molt -- boltsmore city police headquarters -- baltimore citypolice head quart e
't just want jobs we want good jobs that would give us a decent wage. and right now, with the banks not helping, those jobs are very sparse. they are not giving up the jobs. >> organizers are angry about the government bailout of major banks and ongoing economic recession. >>> news from around the nation. new video this morning showing a missouri mother hours before a child went missing spent six minutes in the store and bought wine and baby food and it's been more than a week since her baby vanished from a crib and the family hire a private investigator to help in the search. he is scheduled to talk to reporters later today about what he found. and florida school bus attendant is facing child abuse charges after a confrontation with a student all caught on surveillance video he a bus monitor was picking up something on the bus floor when a 14-year-old picked up another child and swung him over the seat. the child's feet hit branch in the face and you can see that when branch jumped on the 14- year-old. he pinned the boy to the seat when the bus driver tries to intervene and tried t
its way toward cold spring lane. if you want to follow us on twitter, it is the at maryland traffic. we spell out maryland for the latest accidents, delays, road construction. we have it all there. our drive times are affected a little bit in certain spots. 95 is for you seven minutes traveling the west side of the beltway between 795 and 70. >>> a jury has told the prosecution in a murder for hire trial it can argue for the death penalty in the case of walter bishop jr. >> the jury's decision is the first test of the state's new death penalty statute. today both sides will argue whether 2-year-old walter bishop jr. should be sentenced to death. bishop was convicted of fatally shooting william porter. it is a crime bishop is accused of committing at the request of porter's wife. to be eligible for the death penalty, there must be t na or video evidence linking the defendant to a murder or video of a voluntary interrogation or confession. the jury ruled bishop fulfilled the last requirement despite pleas from his attorneys that a video confession he gave last year was not voluntary.
of sunshine. we will see the late october sunshine. so a. little bit of a treat for us coming early. temperatures will be above average and showers will be likely as we go towards the end of the week and it will be much cooler by the weekend. and that will extend into halloween as well. and as we look at maryland's most powerful radar we are dry and it will stay that way throughout the day. you want to take the lunch outdoors. the temperaturen roland park is around 50 degrees and we are seeing more of the temperatures closer to average in millersville and old mill and 45 right there and that's going to be as we go through the morning and temperatures will warm up nicely as we go into the afternoon. i am forecasting right around 67. let's send it over to tanya with your traffic. you didn't hear me say let's play hooky. >> reporter: -- shall hooky. >> reporter: no one heard you. aviation boulevard at dorsey road southbound we have an accident with injuries in the right lane. let's look at our live traffic cameras. this is the beltway on the northwest side near 759 at old court road. m
the mist and drizzle that's been plaguing us for the last few hours. but there's steady rain around the beltway and downtown and through anne arundel county but let's go close erin show you near rockville we are watching the heavy stuff up towards gaitherburg and may be slipping into howard county. we may get heavy rain ellicott city and columbia and back towards and thund erin lightning to rattle the windows. 5:31, roads are wet and here's tanya with traffic. >> reporter: we have mark train 841, 7 minutes late between hunt valley station and gilroy shuttle bus service through monday because there's track repairs on light rail. let's look out there. it's very wet. we are doing okay so far for the most part. the ride through catonsville is smooth. the oncoming traffic is the outer loop at frederick road. inner loop the lanes are open and that's smooth as well. 895 at harbor tunnel most traffic is running southbound away from the camera. no issues to report here either. and that's good news. >>> an amber alert has two police state agencies in maryland on high alert. it was issued over
the wreckage. no one knows how many people are trapped in the ruins. people used bare hands trying to reach survivors. loved ones awaited word on family and friends. >> this man said, we went to all the hospitals but haven't been able to find our friend. >> officials expect a number of casualtys to continue to grow as hundreds remain hospitalized and supplies are needed in the country. kuren redmond, abc2 news. >> we will have updates all day at abc2news.com. latest on the earthquake. find the latest under the world tab. >>> vice president joe biden pushing to keep police officers on u.s. streets. by the ends of the year, 12,000 police officers will have lost jobs to the deep cuts in local government budgets. the sagging economy and lack of jobs will be the focus of the election. vice president biden is optimistic about president barack obama's chances but frustrated with republicans when it comes to protecting law enforcement jobs. >> now, either are going to figure out how to help the cities the way we want to help or some other way. if they don't get help, crime is going to continue to g
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hiring anyone who smokes or uses tobacco on or off the job and will save the county money and the premiums. not everyone agrees. >> i can understand do not smoke at work and if you are a drinker do not drink as work. that's your business on your own time. >> it's your business. if i'm paying for it, i have to have a say. in this case our taxpayers are paying for it. >> he hopes to have the policy in effect by next year. it would have to get a majority of approval. a presidential candidate says don't believe everything you read. he is responding to claims he used hunting grounds with a racial slur on a rock at the entrance gate. the post broke the story about the rock at the gated entrance and a spokesman says the name was changed and painted over after his family leaseed the land in the 80s. sources are claiming the name and slur is visible in different points throughout the 80s and 90s. >>> testimony resumes in the dr. conrad murray involuntary manslaughter trial. he is accused of giving michael jackson propofol. a woman with whom dr. murray has a child may have received
in spots. all of us wet. rain overnight and early this morning you'll notice the heaviest rain right on i-95. enhancing itself north and west and we've got this bubble in central maryland. harford, northern baltimore county, 83 is a rough trip out there. westminster it's coming down. moderate rain in howard county and you cross 95 and there's that bubble around annapolis. annapolis for the time being, you're protected but then there's moderate to heavy rain, again, eastern shore east of came bridge, and salisbury. we'll talk about the winds and the rest of this storm in a moment but it is wet and slow out there. >> if you're traveling between the beltways we have an accident on 95 south at 198. it's on the right side of the road so stay to the left. the delays start at 32. starting to look like a parking lot on the northwest side of the belway. this is a live look. outer loop is stop and go from 75. inner loop is moving well. starting to slow down a little bit on the right of your screen, which is the southbound traffic. on the northbound side we have debris in the northbound lanes. on th
delicious. for those of us with lactose intolerance... lactaid® milk. the original 100% lactose-free milk. the mac 'n cheese big daddy patty melt. and you thought just the name was a mouthful. the new "let's get cheesy" menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. >>> trees are down and houses damaged after a possible tornado touched down in plantation, florida tuesday night. there's no official confirmation of that twister just yet but the area was under a tornado warning when that system moved through. south florida remains under a watch until 6:00 this morning. >> char lee, it was a semitropical system. it crossed florida and heading into southeast georgia and north carolina. as we follow that flow, push that band of moisture up the east coast, there's that area of low pressure and that may be responsible for providing more severe outbreaks. we're taking some of that tropical moisture, it split into a couple of pieces and we've had that wave sit right along i-95. it is banked up right along that fall line and the i-95 stretch from see sill county all the way through d.c. breaks up around
pressure mode here. the low pressure was stuck on top of us for a week. now, is high pressure for a week. the departing storms and the logger arrows indicating stronger winds. a push of colder winds today and tomorrow, but a very dry and mild weather pattern today. 85 lunchtime. sunny and windy this afternoon, 73. >>> now, the here is tonya. >> we have a broken down car on the inner loop. not causing a problem. now, at the beltway, no issues. looking at the outer loop, 795, we have a slow down. charlie. >>> parents are encouraged to walk with their kids to school. this international event is aimed at promoting safe walking practices. and abc 2 news' sherrie johnson is live with detailses for the kids and also mom and dad. >> reporter: well, charlie it is national walk to walk to school day. this means a arc arc baltimore is teaming up with police to teach kids about traffic safety. there is an event that kicks off at 8:30 this morning. thousands of children and their parents take advantage of this and nearly 25,000 children are injured by cars each year in the united states. one of the
us into a knee new era of scientific discovery. this is going on at vandenburg air force base in california. ol gist justin berk is live with a preview -- meteorologist justin berk is live with a preview of what to expect later this week. good morning again. >> reporter: good morning. this is so disappointing to have a communication issue and we are using skype as backup plan. this is ashton who has been up on numerous missions in space and you were just saying it takes a near miracle to get things together and here's a million parts that have to come together at same point and we are trying to get a live shot for a television station and we are work on a billion and a half dollar satellite and rocket impone. >> none of it is easy. -- combo. >> none of it is easy. we are uke on track for launch in -- we are on track for a launch. >> he is used to being in a spacecraft and we are in mission control i wish i could share you and i will online later on but we are about 12 miles away from the actual rocket itself. once this goes up in space, we have five instruments with about 30 s
by lunchtime and winds up to 20 miles per hour. it is a good wind to help dry us out. 73 this afternoon. nererse -- interesting weather stats. right now, tonya. >>> the bus and rail service are on time. let's hope it stays that way. we have a lig commute on the beltway on the belt -- light commute on the beltway and we're doing okay here as well. southbound traffic is a little bit heavier. we understand 95 south past the beltway. we have an accident on the left shoulder. because of the light traffic our drive times are doing 5. traveling the outer loop, 6 minutes. there's a new road in hartford county that will make your morning commute easier. 924 and 24 is open. linda so is live with a look at how things are going. linda. >> reporter: well, tonya, so far, things are great. everything is running smoothly. this overpass opened 30 minutes ago. so far, so good. it is designed the cut the stress out your community and get you to where you need faster. now, the goal is to make it easier to get on and off of 95. just to give you a sense of this area, there are four major shopping centers ne
to use the gauge and eskimo is good to go. >> there's power outages where parents and kids say they are not going to let that stop them from doing trick or treating going door to door. justin. >>> it's hard to imagine for people that are not here because nothing stuck but up 795 from owings mills and parts of owings mills up to two inches and closer to 304 around westminster and 6 around the p.a. line. in the mountain of northern frederick they picked up 11 inches and northwestern adams county in pennsylvania 13 inches of it was an elevation i away from the bay that impacted it. this morning, 27 bel air,37 emmere and 27 in laurel. we have widespread frost this morning. that's an issue and dense fog advisory out of the new york county and pennsylvania. once you scrape the frost off you are flooring breeze. increasing -- looking for a breeze. increasing clouds and for the most part near 50 this evening. let's check out the traffic at # 5á:41 # with -- 5:41 with tanya. >> reporter: a fire has newberry street shut down in both directions. try to avoid the area in mount washington.
in the mountains that is a hint of cooler air. but it will be a few days from reaching us. we'll be in the low 60s this morning and mostly sunny and breezy afternoon. we'll get up to 74. we're almost on par with the week weather. but we have a mid-week storm coming up that we'll talk about next. here's your traffic now. >>> earlier accident in the city of south highland and dylan is in the clearing stages right now. on the interstates, we're doing well light traffic. this is the southwest side of the beltway going through katetonsville. 395 looking north, we have light traffic building both directions, no issues or incidents to report. just a pretty shot. drive time are doing well. 95 southbound from white marsh to the beltway, 9 minutes. >>> police continue gathering clues in the disappearance of 11-year-old william mcquain. he is the missing germantown boy whose mother was found murdered this week. there was a big search in trying to find him. and this is why police decided to search two parks near william's house. >> reporter: police spent the day combing through two parks. both are near willia
the country, all over the world. joining us now is a local group of moms, teachers to runners and others. >> we went to college together to become teachers. then we all went our separate ways and started teaching and i met general and kristin teaching and we decided to have children. teaching and being a mom take a lot out of you. so we decided we needed to do something for ourselves to be healthy and we thought the healthier we are then the stronger we are in the classroom and as mothers. last year beth and i ran the baltimore half marathon together. we joked, we're a team of 2. over the course of the year, we got a lot of people to start running with us. and we developed a running group and now we have 27 people running tomorrow in the baltimore running festival. >> reporter: and you have a motto. it is on the back of your shirt. can you show it to us. we run to be stronger for everyone. and you feel personally and strongly about this? >> yes. we've lost people in our lives at a young age and it's hard. so there's a group called the comfort zone camp. it's the largest bereavement camp
and meditate. >> i think that is what dr. king does. he causes us to pause and think about what we're doing and what we're engaged in and how we can better our society and our world. >> hurricane irene forced the cancellation of the original dedication date on august 28th. it would have coincided with the march on washington and his historic i have a dream speech. >>> you want and i phoned, droid or blackberry. more and more people are upgrading when it comes to their smart phones. ways to be smart when shopping for a new phone. >>> music filled the air and students hope to keep it that way. and now a look at the fall foliage in vermont that is great. "good morning maryland" continues in just a bit. your favorites, in pieces. [ female announcer ] have you ever seen a glacier while sunbathing? why not? have you ever climbed a rock wall in the middle of the ocean? or tried something really wild? why not? it's all possible in the nation of why not. royal caribbean's floating nation. where you are free to do anything you want. which may be nothing at all. royal caribbean international. why not
. aid sight. an energy company used 700 pounds of dynamite to blow a drain tunnel through this dam. the 125 foot tall dam is a century old and was used to generate electricity. an energy company chose to breach it after deciding it was too expensive to modernize the dam. >>> guy in massachusetts broke into a home and when police catch him he will have a hard time explaining it was not him because the homeowners caught the whole thing on the webcam. the home owners and police put the suspect video and photos on facebook in hopes of someone io i king the guy he stole rolls of coins but never took anything large and came in there an unlocked door five minutes before the wife returned home. >>> a halloween tapeel -- stapled made a mess for traffic in michigan. pumpkins came on the interstate during rush hour. the pumpkins were bouncing off trucks and onto cars and a state troop wears able to stop the truck driver -- trooper was able to stop the truck driver he could be find up to $1350 for an unstable load -- $150 for an unstable load. >>> police in colorado say a man's girlfriend came
to stick with the more traditional methods on halloween? let us know on facebook. >>> stars were in hollywood last night hoping to celebrate former president bill clinton belated 66 birthday bash. his daughter chelsea and wife were on hand for the celebration. >> she said that she was going to have a marilyn moment, i said my god, i get lady gaga and i'll have a heart attack celebrating my 66th birthday. >> the directions we could go. other stars took the stage raising money for president clinton's charity. >>> here we go again. another food recall to tell you about this morning. why food officials are double- checking lettuce and there's a possibility of another listeria contamination. >>> more money, more problems. what new research is showing us this morning when "good morning maryland" continues on this monday, october 17th. 6:37. >>> check your frig. a company out of california is voluntarily recalling bagged lettuce with a used by date of november 14th. no illnesses have been reported so far. >>> a hot and dry peanut season is to blame for higher prices. they will be three
are the ones we used to build usaa bank. from free checking to credit cards to loans, our commitment to the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. ♪ visit us online to learn what makes our bank so different. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >>> pledging to bring down corporate agreed. occupy wall street protests entering the 24th day. linda so is here with what is expected today. >> al sharpton will broadcast his nationally indicated radio show from lower manhattan. organizers of occupy wall street are calling on children to speak out today since they will be out of school for columbus day. protesters say american kids have been victims watching parents lose jobs and homes and today the group anonymous will take down the new york stock exchange's website. the group of hackers say it will crash the site at 3:30 that afternoon. occupy wall street movement is in the fourth week and protesters say they are in it for the long hall. -- long haul. >> those protesters are spreading. one in baltimore at the corner of white and pratt streets and dc in front of the whit
will continue to rise. >> do you think it's appropriate to use this language? >> we have to go. >> the reporter is jason, he's the editor of a conservative magazine. >>> plenty of people dreamt of quitting their job in the past and everybody wants to go out a bang. a rhode island hotel worker turned his resignation into an event and he's now an online sensation, watch this. >> out. >> i'm here to tell you that i'm quitting. >> all right. he said he was tired of butting heads with his bosses, he has a new job. >>> a possible salmonella contamination in your salad as you pack your lunches, you may want to pay attention. % . >>> do you want to lose weight? people in howard county say they have a simple solution, stop drinking soda, can you do it for a month? . >>> now we learned that maryland is one of ten states forming a vehicle network. it will work to plan and install charging stations throughout the area. president obama called for electric vehicles to be on the road by the next 10 years. >>> no more soda for 30-days, that's a campaign to get people to drop the pop for one month. linda is st
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